Resilient Australia Awards

Media Pack 2024

Resilient Australia Awards 2024

Submissions and nominations  

Click and download the social media graphics below to promote the Resilient Australia Awards submissions and nominations between 8 March - 31 May 2024.

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Social media graphics

AIDR has provided the social media graphics below to support promotion of the Resilient Australia Awards during the submissions and nominations phase. Two image options are provided for each award category, and graphics are compatible for use across various social media platforms.

Use of these graphics is recommended between 8 March - 31 May 2024.

Key information

The Resilient Australia Awards celebrate and promote initiatives that build whole of community resilience to disasters and emergencies around Australia as well as capture and share examples of resilience in action. The awards recognise collaboration and innovative thinking across a broad range of sectors and initiatives that strengthen disaster resilience with communities, institutions, and the private sector. Innovative models and approaches that create sustainable change are highly regarded.

Resilient Australia Awards 2024 Guidelines.

Submissions for the 2024 awards program must relate to projects or initiatives that commenced after 1 January 2022 or demonstrate significant outcomes or enhancements since 1 January 2022


For enquiries or support regarding RAA media and promotion, please contact the AIDR Team: 

Resilient Australia Awards Program Manager 
Juanita Bahl

AIDR Communications Officer
Alana Beitz

Key dates

Friday 8 March 2024
Submissions open

Friday 31 May 2024
Submissions close

7 June - 21 June 2024
People's Choice voting: Resilient Australia Photography Award

12 July - 30 September 2024
State and territory award ceremonies

November 2024
National Resilient Australia Awards Ceremony