Profiling Disaster Risk Handbook working group members: Genevieve, Brenton, Natasha and Alan

AIDR has convened a working group for the inaugural Disaster Risk Handbook. This series introduces you to our working group members.

Genevieve Neilson

Genevieve Neilson contributes to the operations, advocacy and programs of the Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience & Safer Communities (ABR) as a member of the IAG-hosted Secretariat. The Secretariat supports a common voice for Members on disaster risk reduction and resilience, knowledge sharing and cross-sectoral collaboration.

Genevieve is project manager of the ABR’s Resilience Valuation Initiative. Through the Initiative, the ABR is leading a coalition to advance an accepted process with enabling methodologies for valuing a resilience-building asset, feature or activity.

Genevieve holds an M.A. from George Washington University which included a capstone on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.


Brenton Phillips

Brenton manages the Hazard and Risk Unit of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, where he partners with stakeholders from all levels of government, academic institutions and the private sector to undertake comprehensive state-wide assessments of systemic climate and disaster risk.

Related projects include the State Heatwave Risk Assessment, and the State Disaster Risk Report – currently underway. He also provides risk management advice and support to Queensland’s many disaster management groups.

Brenton has a background in firefighting, emergency operations, and is a veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force. He holds qualifications in emergency management, intelligence analysis and public safety.


Natasha Chabbra

Natasha joined the Department of Home Affairs in 2018 as part of the National Resilience Taskforce and was part of the development of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework (NDRRF) and associated Guidance for Strategic Decisions on Climate and Disaster Risk.

Since the cessation of the taskforce she has been with the Disaster Risk Reduction Branch, progressing Australia’s reporting against the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and providing policy advice and coordination to develop and implement Australian Government climate and disaster risk policy.

Natasha has a background in international law and humanitarian affairs.


Alan March

Dr Alan March is Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne. His research includes the examination of practical governance mechanisms of planning and urban design and the role of urban planning in reducing disaster risks. He is the lead researcher on the Bushfire and Natural Hazard Cooperative Research Centre project “Integrating Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction”.




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